Here, yet another American blogging about life in Italy. However, this blog is not so much about being American, or even being an “ex-pat.” Rather, it is more about Rome than about me.

A bit of background though: I am an art historian from Omaha, Nebraska and relocated to Rome in 2011, upon the completion of my Masters degree at the Sotheby’s Institute in London, UK. I consider myself a professional nerd and am enamored with the Eternal City, a bottomless well of history and art.

I created Ottavianina.com as a personal blog dedicated primarily to photography and occasional essays about Rome, history, art, culture, and travel.

The blog is called Ottavianina because Ottavianina is my middle name, inherited from my great-uncle Ottaviano. He and my great-grandfather emigrated to the United States from Italy nearly a century ago. In Italian, the name Ottavianina literally means “little Ottaviano” in its feminized form. It also happens to be a very old Roman name dating back to the ancient empire, as the Emperor Augustus was also named Octavian, and Ottaviano is the Italian evolution of that ancient Latin name. Thus, Ottavianina is a name tied not just to my family history but to the history of Rome itself.

All material copyright Julia Odorisio 2011-2017 unless otherwise noted in the text.

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